CV exibitions & installations

2017  „THE KNOT“. Installation made of PET water bottles. Exhibition ‚3xKlingeln‘ in Mainz, Germany.
2016 „KITCHEN TOOLS“. Wire-sculptures and Wall-Design. Project with students, Nelson-Mandela-School, Berlin.
2015 „MATILDA“. Stage-design, NMS, Berlin.

2014  „With greetings from home,“ Exhibition in Blue Roof Museum Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

2011  „TASTY BUDS“ Food-Installation. A botanically-culinary landscape portrait in ten objects. KulturGut Holzhausen, Nieheim, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany.
2010  „PLAY SCAPES for Accra“. Concepts for recycling-playgrounds in Ghana. A contribution to the international symposium ‚Urban Spaces‘ of the Institut Francais and the Goethe-Institut Accra on urban planning.
2009  „THE VOLTIC-COLLECTION“. Collection of Design-Objects made of recycelt PET water bottles, Accra, Ghana.
2007  „RASPBERRY -IGLOO“. Garden Sculpture. Rabat, Morocco.
2005  „GREEN CIRCLES“. Sculptural Transformation of a decorative garden to an edible garden on the principles of Permaculture and Circle-Gardening. Rabat, Morocco.

2003  „KARTOFFEL-BLUETEN“ / „POTATO FLOWERS“. Photographic work for the Bundessortenamt Rethmar / Hannover, Germany.

2002  „SPINDELN“ / „SPINDLES“. Installation of 13 sculptures made of raw wool for the art project ‚Verortungen‘ / ‚Localisations‘ on the 3rd State-of-Saxony-Garden-Show, Grossenhain. Germany.

2001  Exhibition in Åkerby Sculpture Park, Åkerby, Sweden.

2000 „POTATO-BOXES“. Installation of miniature pregermination-houses with potato-tuber-sprouts. A contribution to the exhibition ‚Natur-Spur‘ at the City-Gallery Dreieich, Germany.

1999 ‚PATATERS-Kartoffel-Spektren‘, Installation on the history of potato cultivation and potato variety diversity in a railway freight car. A contribution to the project ‚KunstWagen‘/‚ArtWagons‘ on the occasion of the 100 years jubilee of the railway line Bremerhaven-Hamburg. Several venues in different Railway station along the railway line Bremerhaven-Hamburg.

1999 , PIPES AND VIPES’. Sound installations, sound objects and stage design made from recycled waste pipes for the performance , PIPES AND VIPES‘. An absurd Music-Art-Work. Performance of a female team of musicians and visual artists headed by Hilde Kappes, Berlin. Women’s-Art-House ‚Die Höge‘, Bassum-Högenhausen, Germany.

1999 ‚POTATO-BOXES’. Potato installation and photographic works in a private underground storeroom. A contribution to the exhibition project ‚3xKlingeln‘/‚Ring3times“ in private homes, Mainz, Germany.!

1999 ‚CULTURE-FIELDS – A Park of the Fields‘ for Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Conception of a city park between the two cities based on the concept of maintaining the historically grown, small-scale field structure as an alternative to a free-style landscape park design that would overmold and destroy the culturally grown and typical small field structures. A contribution to the symposium „Open spaces“, Stuttgart. Teamwork with architects and landscape planners.

1995 ‚MEPHISTO‘. Recycling-sculpture made of packaging cartons. A contribution to ‚AUSSCHNITT II „. An exhibition of purchases of municipal collection Mainz, Germany.

1995 ‚WIND-LABYRINTH’ Installation on the theme of shifting majorities in the Voyer of the State parliament residency in Mainz, Germany.

1994 ‚DER ROTE FADEN IM LABYRINTH’/ ‚THE RED THREAD IN THE LABYRINTH‘, Installations of room-high red tubes and a maze made of the the management plans of the city administration Mainz. Exhibition of the Art Award Mainz winner and thesis in the Department of Art and Environmental Design: ‚The red thread in the labyrinth ‚A work about the history of the council/City hall buildings and an architectural analysis of the Mainz City Hall or ‚How does the architect Arne Jacobsen avert the citizens from finding the council chamber?‘. City Hall of Mainz, Germany.

1994 ‚PAPER WORKS‘ Exhibitions in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and Dijon, France.

1992 ‚PAPP-OBJEKTE’ / ‚CARDBOARD-SCULPTURES‘. Sculptures made of recycled cardboard packaging. Exhibition in the ‚Frankfurter Hof‘, Mainz, Germany.

1992 ‚TREPPAUF-TREPPAB‘ / ‚UPSTAIRS AND DOWN‘‚ Sound installation in a stairwell. A contribution to the Exhibition ‚Art house‘, Old City Hall Ingelheim, Germany.

1992 Exhibition Cycle: ‚Art from Mainz1992 ‚, shown in Mainz (Germany), Dijon (France), Zagreb(Croatia), Erfurt(Germany), Valencia (Spain).